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The website on Government Polytechnic, Panaji, designed and developed by the Computer Department was launched through the N.I.C server on 12-06-2002. Since then the website has undergone a lot of changes in the subsequent updates.

Some relevant information on New Admissions for the various Diploma Programmes is included. 

A gist of the Key Activities that have taken place in this Institute during the last few months is also covered. 

Some staff members have published Research Papers in magazines of international repute / presented them at the various seminars, during the course of their Doctoral, Post Graduate studies. These titles have been separately placed in a new page.

The need for an Alumni was expressed by some past students while giving the feedback for this website. Keeping the viewer's thoughts in mind, a beginning has been made to add a page on Alumni. Presently only the Department of F.T & E.E has the Alumni Association.

There is a Slide Show, which is an added attraction to this website. It presents the pictorial representation of the different components of the Institute in the form of slides. You can enjoy for sure, a free tour round the Government Polytechnic, Panaji.

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