Government Polytechnic Panaji, Library is housed in a spacious independent building having three floors, and the basement. It is well equipped with latest books, periodicals, magazines (technical and non-technical), besides regular text books. It has also a good number of other general reading material in languages like Hindi, Marathi, Konkani etc. The library has a good collection of 45,500 plus books which include various encyclopedias, handbooks etc.

The library provides book bank facilities to poor and deserving students and has 350 sets of book banks besides regular stock. The library also has a good number of ISI specifications in its stock catering to the needs of different exams.

The ground floor of the library is used as a reading room; first floor as stacking cum landing section and the second floor for reference section. The library is open from 9.00 am to 5.15 pm and entry to the library is restricted to bonafide students having valid reading hall tickets. Each student is allowed to take two text books on specified days on production of library cards issued to them and which is to be returned on a stipulated date mentioned by library staff. Failure to do so the students are charged a fine of 0.50 paise per day per book. Overnight facility is provided at the time of final exams and failure to return overnight books by 11.00am the following day, a fine of Rs.10 per day is charged. So also taking the book outside library premises without proper issue will be charged Rs.10 per day/ debarred from library facility.

The library has internet facility. Both the staff and the students can avail of the internet facility.

The library has recently installed colour C.C.T.V. system wherein the library staff can keep a watch on all three floors.

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