Community Polytechnic

The working group on Technical Education, of the All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE), in February 1978, recommended that selected Polytechnics, should act as focal points, to promote Community  / Rural Development on Scientific lines through Technology transfer. The scheme of Community Polytechnics was started under the Direct Central Assistance Scheme in 1978-79 in 35 Polytechnics. The scheme envisaged the Community Polytechnics to act as important centres for the application of Science and Technology in rural areas and and generate self and wage based employment opportunities, through non formal training, towards and competency and need based courses, in various trades and multiple skills. As on date there are 617 AICTE approved Polytechnics covered under the scheme of Community Polytechnics.

The rationale for choosing Polytechnics for implementation of the scheme of Community Polytechnics, is based on the fact that Polytechnics are equipped with adequate infrastructure in the form of Buildings, Lecture Halls, Laboratories, Workshop, Hostel etc. which could be used for linking such Centres of Knowledge to the Rural Community. Besides, Polytechnics have Qualified and Trained Faculty, whose services could be utilized for Vocational Training and Transfer of Technologies.

Community Polytechnic Scheme is run by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, New Delhi. Government Polytechnic, Panaji, was selected as a Community Polytechnic in 1993. Presently there are 5 Community Polytechnics in Goa. The Government Polytechnic, Panaji, collaborates and maintains linkages with a number of Agencies

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