Government Polytechnic, Panaji has a huge, beautiful campus, situated on the picturesque Altinho Hill. The whole area can broadly be categorized into two parts:

The layout of Government Polytechnic, Panaji:

The Official area consists of a number of Blocks which accommodate all the Offices / Departments / Sections etc. A cursory view of this component is shown below: 

Main Building Offices: Principal, Establishment, Accounts, Stores, Student
Departments: Science, Hum. & Maths, Electrical, Civil, Examination, Training & Placement
Sections: Community Polytechnic
Annexe Building Departments: Electronics, Computer, Modern Office Practice
Rear Block Departments: Mechanical
Section: Workshop
Generator Room, Canteen, Teaching Staff Assn Room
Food Tech. Block Department: Food Technology
Fabrication Tech. Block Department: Fabrication Technology
Library Block Library, LRUC, Conference Hall
Gymkhana Block Badminton, Tennis, Carrom, Gymnasium
Extension Wing Departments: Instrumentation, Garment Tech, Architectural Engg,
Specially Challenged, Library, Seminar Hall, Canteen
Play Grounds Football, Hockey, Basket Ball

The Residential area consists of a number of different types of Blocks, ranging from the highest level E-Type to the lowest level A-Type. The details of the various Blocks, the number of Flats in each Block and their approximate living area is given Below:

TypeNo. of BlocksNo of FlatsApprox.Floor Area
E310145 Sq.Mt
D83280 Sq.Mt
C21250 Sq.Mt
B21245 Sq.Mt
A31630 Sq.Mt

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